Victoria Newhouse

Deputy Assistant Administrator, Security Policy and Industry Engagement
Transportation Security Administration

Ms. Victory Newhouse is the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the TSA Office of Security Policy and industry engagement. In this role, Ms. Newhouse oversees the development of TSA’s risk-based security policies, plans, and requirements that reduce the risk of catastrophic terrorist attacks against our nation’s transportation systems. She is the senior executive responsible for leading three divisions that address security policy and facilitate strategic industry partnerships among the aviation and surface transportation modes, which include Mass Transit and Passenger Rail, Freight Rail, Pipelines, and Highway and Motor Carrier, encompassing motor coaches, over the road buses, and infrastructures such as bridges and tunnel.

Prior to joining OSPIE in March 2014, Ms. Newhouse served as the Assistant Administrator for the TSA Office of Risk Based Security, which was responsible for coordinating and leading the implementation of TSA’s risk based security initiatives agency-wide. In that role from 2013-2014, she directed TSA’s efforts to conceptualize, plan, and integrate initiatives supporting an intelligence driven, risk risk-based approach to all areas of TSA operations and technology, including TSA Pre-Check.

Ms. Newhouse also served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis from 2010-2012 where she provided oversight to all TSA daily intelligence operations, information sharing, and vetting operations, including the TSA Secure Flight program and conducting background checks for approximately 14 million transportation workers. Ms. Newhouse is a licensed attorney in the state of Maryland and served in several positions as a senior legal advisor for TSA from 2004 -2010. As the TSA Deputy Chief Counsel for General Law, she was the senior executive leading legal support for a wide variety of issues supporting TSA operations. Additionally, she served as the Assistant Chief Counsel for Ethics and General Legal Services and the Assistant Chief Counsel for Information Law. Prior to joining TSA in 2004, Ms. Newhouse was a senior attorney for the Department of the Army, Office of General Counsel providing legal advice on operations and personnel matters including Army intelligence operations, public affairs, privacy, information law, fiscal law, and human resource matters.

Session: North American Aviation Security Update