Michael Yip

Vice President, Risk Management
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Mr. Michael Yip is a Senior Executive and Global Thought Leader in the area of Enter-prise Risk Management (ERM). Michael brings over 20 years of strategic management consulting experience, skilled in the development and implementation of strategic risk management processes and advancing effective risk based mitigation solutions. Michael has held senior management positions with several major global management consulting firms, as well as managing principal roles with a private merchant banking firm.

He assumed the role of Vice President, Risk Management with DFW International Air-port (DFW) in 2015. Michael originated the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework and supporting processes for DFW from a consulting capacity. Now, in his role as a senior leader within DFW, he has embarked on a comprehensive transfor-mation of the Risk Management department at the airport. To more effectively harness the power and strategic decision making support of ERM at DFW, Michael has created an innovative professional services delivery model, which will deliver risk management services and solutions to DFW and its business partners.

Michael is a frequent speaker and thought leader in strategy, ERM, SMS, risk technolo-gy and business process improvement and has been engaged in domestic and international assignments to establish and implement corporate governance and compliance initiatives such as corporate-wide risk identification, risk assessment, strategic risk mapping and total cost of risk analysis. He is also one of the leading thought leaders in the application of ERM within airports and airport authorities where one of his key accomplishments include working with ACI Global Training to develop the first Airport ERM Training Certificate Program for Airport Executives.

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